New Parts Forum Coming Soon

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~ Andrew
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New Parts Forum Coming Soon

Post by ~ Andrew » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:32 am

Ask for a Max o Junk pack for now to help keep my shed clean and tidy:
INDICATE what you don't mind getting
There will be some surprise stuff
There will be something interesting to pull to bits (CDROM / HDD Drives)
There will be something OLDE and munted you can cut up power leads and get the wire from etc
There will be some NEW parts, circuit boards and ideas
~ Andrew

To Place and Order:
- Reply to this with a post and Include Your First Name at least and FULL NZ address and post code.
- You (ONLY) will be able to see your details there.
- Once I take the details and Name and details will be removed.
- Once your order is SENT from Opunake your post will be deleted = it has been Sent
- Post is only standard post. So expect about a Week After it has been Sent
- NO Urgent or overnight orders so think and plan ahead !
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